Address your issues & life challenges in a safe space.

Broomfield Therapy Center

18 years of experience as Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Are you facing Relationship Problems?

Social Anxiety


Are you feeling paralyzed, and struggling to get through the day? Is your social anxiety taking over your life? I’m here to help you feel like your old self, and get you moving forward.



Are you struggling to communicate with your partner? Are you feeling disconnected and alone? I can help you address your relationship issues and help you re-discover the love and joy you once shared with your partner.

Teens and Family

Is your teen struggling with anxiety or depression? Friendship problems at school? I can help your teen process and talk through their issues. Are you in need of family therapy? Does your teen not listen or respect you? We can work together to address these issues.

About me

I work with Couples, those struggling with anxiety disorders and teens. I help them get back to their old selves.