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Teen and Family

Teen and Family

Teen and Family Therapy

Meredith Kurry, LCSW

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Many parents struggle with<br> confusion around how to raise healthy children. One of our favorite parts of working with parents is  recognizing  their investment in their children, and that most often this investment turns out to be opportunities for parents to grow as well. Gathering parents’ insights and values and offering education and guidance to help your family decide what their next steps are.  Parent involvement is a crucial part of therapy.  While children benefit from individual therapy, we recognize that the environment that the child interacts in is equally as important. Those are some of the benefits from family therapy sessions so that the child and parents can both feel safe bringing their concerns and being guided to solutions to address their issues.

The teen years are a challenging time for both teens and parents. Teens are experiencing hormone changes, friend groups that are experiencing ups and downs and other life factors. Parents are also trying to find their way between giving their kids space, and helping guide them so that they learn to make good decisions for themselves.

Improved Communication and Conflict Resolution

Improved communication skills can enhance teens and parents abilities to communicate their feelings and frustrations openly with each other. This can lead to better understanding and stronger relationships. Therapy provides a safe and neutral space to address conflicts and disagreements. It can teach healthy ways to resolving conflicts and help family members develop problem-solving skills. Strengthening relationships is also essential. Family therapy can promote bonding and strengthen relationships between family members. It encourages empathy, trust, and support, fostering a more positive and nurturing family environment. Therapy equips teenagers and their families with effective coping mechanisms to deal with stress, emotional challenges, and difficult life situations. These skills can be valuable in navigating various aspects of life.

Therapy can help identify and address behavioral issues, such as substance abuse, aggression, or define, providing guidance and strategies for change. Family therapy can offer parents valuable support, guidance, and parenting techniques to navigate the challenges of raising a teenager. It provides a platform to discuss concerns, share experiences, and learn effective parenting strategies. Therapy can address mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, or trauma that may impact both the teenager and the family as a whole. It provides a supportive environment to explore these issues and develop coping strategies.