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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Meredith Kurry, LCSW

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Do you feel disconnected from you partner or spouse?

Are you in a relationship or marriage that’s beginning to feel stagnant? Do you lack the communication you need to thrive? Have you been feeling drained or defeated from frequent arguments with your significant other?

You may feel like your significant other is stubborn and inflexible in almost every situation, and you’re the one who does all the compromising in the relationship. Perhaps it feels like walking on eggshells whenever the two of you are around each other because you’re each afraid of how the other will react.

Your Relationship May Suffer From Anger, Betrayal, Or Misunderstanding

Whether you’re in the beginning phases of your relationship or years into it, it takes real work from both of you to maintain a healthy and happy relationship. Communication and understanding are key, and if you find it difficult to understand each other’s perspectives, constant misunderstanding can ensue.

Maybe the two of you frequently get angry and call each other names whenever you can’t agree on things. Perhaps one of you cheated on the other and you’re both confused about how to move forward with the relationship.

Without the proper guidance, you may find yourselves rehashing the same arguments and growing further apart. Thankfully, working alongside a counselor can provide you both with the space you need to freely express your feelings when issues arise in your relationship or marriage.

It Takes A Lot Of Work To Maintain A Healthy Relationship!

Relationships are like plants—they must be nurtured with time, care, and affection in order to thrive. Without these elements, there’s a chance that the bond shared between the two of you could fall flat or cease to flourish.

Maybe things have become too routine between you and your partner. The stress from financial issues, co-parenting, or relying on each other too much may have dimmed the spark you once shared.

Social media and comparison culture also make life challenging for many couples. Scrolling through your feed and seeing your friends post images of how happy they are in their relationships can cause you to notice all of the pitfalls that you have in your own.

Relationships Are About Getting Past The Imperfections

None of us are perfect. No matter what, as a couple, you’re bound to get into disagreements at some point or another. But struggling with prolonged disconnection, sadness, or lack of intimacy might be signs of more serious concerns that could lie beneath the surface.

There are many reasons you and your partner could be drifting apart. Maybe the two of you have unlike ideals, familial views, or religious beliefs because of how different your upbringings were. Or perhaps your personalities differ drastically. Your partner could be more assertive and outgoing in all of their decisions. And if you’re mild-mannered or timid, you might find it challenging to speak up for yourself when you disagree with them.

Although problems will inevitably occur within a relationship or marriage, it’s difficult for many couples to understand the best means of communication without the help of counseling. Couples therapy provides you with a safe space to discuss your differences, figure out your goals, and find the spark that the two of you need to maintain a happy relationship.

Counseling Can Help You Push Forward As A Couple

Relationship issues typically arise due to a lack of understanding between you and your partner. Working with a therapist can help you both gain deeper insight into one another so that you can learn to communicate more openly and effectively as a couple.

Every relationship is unique, and every couple has distinct needs, so the initial session typically involves the three of us getting to know each other and discussing your reasons for coming to therapy. During our conversation, I will assess the presenting problems and we will work together to determine a plan of action that best suits your needs.

What to Expect in Couples Therapy Sessions

Diving into the issues, it’s important to spend some time discussing the hurt and pain that each of you are experiencing. In many cases, one person unintentionally hurts the other through their actions. This is why communicating how you feel is vital to the overall well-being of the relationship.

Although my approach to counseling is warm, and I will support you every step of the way, I aim to hold you both accountable in your healing journey. A relationship involves two people, and its success depends on a commitment from you both.

I provide a wide range of therapeutic strategies based on the needs that you share as a couple. A lot of the work we will do will be solution-focused, in that we will hone in on how to solve the current issues that you share instead of dwelling on them excessively.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is another common method of therapy that I use. It focuses on adjusting your mindset by challenging the way you think about your relationship. By identifying negative thoughts and behaviors, you can both work together to move forward as a couple.

I will also try to pinpoint specific things the two of you should try and work on in between sessions. That way, there’s a course of action in place just in case tensions rise in your everyday life. While therapy is an ongoing process, the overall goal is to get your relationship or marriage back on track so that you can feel true intimacy and affection.

While it may take some time, finding that spark you once had for each other is possible. If you feel like you’re struggling to connect with your partner, I want you to know that things can get better between the two of you. Therapy is a chance to rekindle your spark and fall in love again.

Maybe Couples Therapy Sounds Encouraging, But You Still Have Some Concerns…

I don’t know if my significant other will want to talk to a therapist.

It’s normal for people to feel uncertain about therapy. But the fact of the matter is that speaking with a couples counselor who specializes in mending and repairing relationship issues gives you the best chance of success. If your significant other is worried that counseling will make you both fight even more, I would tell them that I am experienced in helping couples de-escalate conflict. I’m here to help you both focus on the issues at hand and communicate with each other in a healthy way. 

Couples therapy is too expensive and time-consuming.

You’re most likely here because you feel that some sort of positive change is required in order to keep your relationship afloat. If you’re ready to commit to change, then you should be willing to buy into the process of counseling to help you deal with the issues you face as a couple.

I work alongside my clients to help them find the financing options that best suit their situation. And while you can’t put a price on your relationship, therapy is an investment that will probably be well worth it in the end!

Our issues may be too irreparable for couples therapy to solve.

Therapy can be an effective tool for repairing damaged relationships. But in order to heal a relationship, you have to be committed to the process and the work that it takes to address the core issues. You may have put each other through a lot, but no matter what, speaking with a therapist can help you rekindle what formed your bond as a couple in the first place.

Couples Therapy Can Lead You To A More Fulfilling Relationship

Asking for help is the first step to initiating real change in your lives, and I believe we can work together to get your relationship on the right track.

To learn more or schedule your initial session, please contact me via email or call 720 – 231 – 7109. I’m looking forward to working with you!